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“I wish I had known that there is no ‘normal’ way to feel when you are pregnant. I had seen the movies and read the books & articles about pregnancy, and none of them matched up with what I was experiencing - from all smiles quickly followed by weeps. Nausea and a heightened sense of smell I could deal with but the emotional imbalance in my body through me completely left field. What I later realised is that there's a huge range of emotions women experience during pregnancy — and that it doesn’t mean there is anything wrong. Today post-pregnancy I can laugh about the experience and accept it wasn't me! (PS. Thanks for the physical and emotional support Dr Zenda and to my husband thanks for staying sane, lol)”
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“I always say that you were God sent! What a beautiful journey it has been. Pregnancy is scary but our journey has been filled with positivity and reassurance throughout. Dr Gynae is more than just a qualified professional somebody ,she’s the embodiment of health care, a sister & a confidant. That’s the kind of Dr I had,an all in one. Having a supportive partner also made the journey so seamless. I always look back at the experience and see the hand of God guiding us all the way. We all safely delivered our beautiful boy and what a vibey delivery room it was. An experience I never expected as first time mom. You are a superhero. Thank you for your consistency, love,care and warm embrace. Thank you for the beautiful experience. We love and appreciate you”
I’ve always been a planner and thorough researcher so the start of my pregnancy journey meant, notebook and pen with me at all times. I will never forget sitting down in Dr Zenda’s rooms for the first time and when she asked ‘do you have any questions’, I whipped out my trusty notebook with tons of questions while she smiled and we both laughed. Every single question was answered and the attention I received in that moment put me at ease so much so that I didn’t whip my notebook out at one visit and she looked at me and asked ‘well where is your book’. The level of care and attention from you while giving birth took me from 100 down to a nice calm zero. Thank you for being there for me both physically and emotionally and for truly living up to ‘We see you’ - Love, Lisa and Skylar
My work stretches my heart in so many ways , but it’s never without big magic ❤️ My twins Nia & Iman turned one. Thank you Millicent for your message and sharing your beautiful twins. "Dear Dr Zenda, I have never met such a caring, loving and kind Doctor in my entire life,you have always been so kind and patient to me. You have great and amazing soul for sure. I will always pray for your well being to you and your family...May the Lord God bless you and your family always 🙏 I am always going to be grateful for knowing you Dr. Zenda." ~ Millicent
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Thank you for literately being part of our family from our very first appointment until the birth of our daughter. You are every first parents’ dream! She is camera shy just as she was in the womb, but we managed to get a few snaps 👶🏾
On receiving the news of my pregnancy I was in a panic and extremely scared because of my history of fibroids. Doc however managed to calm me down and reassured me by giving me a better understandingof how my body works. Each and every visit, you made me feel that I matter through your patience and understanding. Now I truly understand why you named your practice "We see you". Now I am a mother to a beautiful baby boy. You are such a blessing to a lot of women and our families.
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14 OCTOBER, 2021

Are you and your partner trying to prepare for pregnancy, and you have cut off this, that and the other but aren’t really sure what works. Well… Dr Nompumelelo Zenda, sexologist and gynaecologist joins us to brief us on Healthy eating tips if you’re trying to get pregnan.

09 September, 2021

We’re talking about the fear of intimacy or having sex aka genophobia or erotophobia. We speak to our resident sexologist Dr Zenda and discover some fascinating insights. Have a listen!

21 October, 2021

Is dating someone who is celibate something you have considered? Should physical intimatacy always be on the table?